Ceres Organic Collagen Support (With 30% Hemp Protein) 200G

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Ceres Collagen Support has been specially designed with those following a plant-based diet in mind. With functional ingredients like amla, tremella snow mushroom and hemp, this special blend naturally contains enough vitamin C to contribute to normal collagen formation in skin, when taken as part of a healthy and varied diet. Power to the plants for keeping you primped right?!

Add approx. 30g into smoothies, juices or cereals for collagen support (6-7 servings per pack).

ORIGIN: Made in New Zealand from imported & local ingredients.

STORAGE: Refrigerate once opened.

INGREDIENTS: Hemp Protein* 30%, Amla* 25% (Indian Gooseberry), Sunflower Seed*, Flaxseed* (Linseed), Snow Mushroom* 5% (Tremella), Blackcurrant* (*Certified Organic)

CLAIMS AND CERTIFICATIONS: Biogro Certified Organic. Home compostable packaging.