Herbva 5G Vaporiser

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Extreme portability, easy operation, and great taste.

The Herbva 5G Portable Herb Vaporiser by AirisTech is a pocket-sized marvel, packing a fast warm up time into a small discreet package.



Ceramic chamber with no exposed element: the Herbva 5G produces pure vapour

Extremely portable: the smallest digital vape we've ever seen (103x24x21mm)

Fast heating: it only takes 20-30 seconds

One simple button with three of the most popular temperatures pre-set

Heat up time: 20-30 seconds, with 5 minute safety cutoff

Two mouthpieces: short for portability, or glass for taste

Magnetic connection for the mouthpiece: easy connection, easy to use, easy to carry

1100mah battery with micro-USB charging port: designed for your convenience, anytime anywhere




Each Herbva 5G kit includes:

1 Rechargeable Herbva 5G Portable Herb Vaporiser

1 Flat Mouthpiece 

1 Pyrex Mouthpiece 

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Loading Tool

1 USB Charger Cable

1 Instruction Manual 

Available in: Black


Tips for best use:

Charge fully before first use (3-4 hours).

Flashing LED = charging. Solid = ready.

Grind your herb finely, and fill chamber (don't pack tightly - you need good airflow to vape).

Put the mouthpiece back on, and press the power button rapidly 5 times to turn the Herbva 5G on or off (this prevents it being accidentally turned on). 

To select your temperature, press the power button once and it will change colour. Hold to cycle through the settings.

Green = low (390°F), Blue = medium (405°F), White = high (420°F)

Flashing = heating up. Solid = ready. 

If the LED flashes red the battery is low.

The 5G remembers your last temperature setting and returns to this when you turn it back on.

Take a long slow draw for the best vaping experience.

Cleaning: wait until entire unit is cool. Use the included brush or a cotton tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Do not immerse in water.