Airistech Nokiva Herbal Vape

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Small and discreet with ultra fast warm up

The Herbva Nokiva Digital Portable Herb Vaporiser by AirisTech packs a fast heating time and rapid vapourisation into a discrete, stylie package. This puppy delivers a true vaporising experience with a smooth taste and no burnt, charred dry herb or harmful combustion.

The Nokiva rocks a classic, retro phone body-style: comfortable to hold and very portable. It's simple to work with a super fast heat-up time of only 20 seconds! The OLED screen shows your set temperature, the current temperature, and the battery level. The variable temperature range allows you to choose any temperature you like between 149-224°C, and it remembers your last set temperature when you next turn it on. The whole temperature range vapourises: cooler settings vape slower, for a lighter experience, hotter temperatures vape faster for a thicker, more flavoursome stream of vapour. The pure ceramic chamber can take up to half a gram of dried herb. The battery will deliver around 60 minutes of continuous use. Nokiva does not feel hot to hold.



No exposed element - the Nokiva bakes, not burns

Fully adjustable temperature system lets you choose any temp from 149°C - 224°C

Heat up time: 20 seconds

Large ceramic chamber

Small form factor - measures only 90*40*20mm

Durable design, made from high-grade materials. RoHS certification.

Food-grade mouthpiece designed to reduce heat from the device

2200mah battery with micro usb charging, dual PCB/IC protection and auto shutdown (5min without use).

Low Power: red light flashes 10 times

Resistance 0.4-0.6 ohms

Dimensions (maximum, not including 19mm Pyrex Extension Mouthpiece): 100mm x 38mm x 20mm


Each Nokiva kit includes:


1 Rechargeable Nokiva Digital Portable Herb Vaporiser

1 Regular Mouthpiece with built-in filter

1 Pyrex Extension Mouthpiece with built-in filter

5 spare O-rings for the mouthpieces

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Loading Tool

1 USB Charger Cable

1 Carry Pouch

1 Instruction Manual 

Available in: Black


The Hempstore's tips for best use:


Open the mouthpiece with your thumb, like a tic-tac box.

Grind your herb finely, and loosely fill the chamber (overpacking will reduce your vaping experience).

Put the mouthpiece back on, and press the power button rapidly 5 times to turn the Nokiva on or off (this prevents it being accidentally turned on). The chamber heats automatically, there is no need to hold the power button down like some models.

Press the up or down buttons to select your preferred temperature. The OLED display will show "HEAT" while the unit is heating up, then "WARM" when it reaches your set temperature.

In general, vaping starts as low as 150°C. Gradual combustion starts around 200°C. We advise staying within this range. Most people find that 175°C-190°C works well.

The short mouthpiece is best for quick solo use or switch to the included pyrex extension mouthpiece for longer or shared use. As well as distancing your mouth from the unit's bod, the 19mm pyrex straw also cools vapour a little, to sweeten the flavour.

Take a long slow draw for the best vaping experience. Enjoy!