Blue Earth Hemp Soap - Warlock'S Block - Twin Pack (2 X 85G)

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Blue Earth Warlocks Block hempseed-oil soap, hand made in New Zealand. A spicy cinnamon soap block for men Blue Earth soaps are made by hand with high quality plant oils & pure essential oils to cleanse without stripping your skin. Each soap lasts well, creating a rich creamy lather to gently cleanse, moisturise & soften the skin.

Contains no Palm Oil, not tested on Animals and no animal products. All colours derived from plants and minerals. All smells 100% from plants- no synthetic fragarances added.

Ingredients: Olive, coconut, rice bran oils, cocoa butter, rain water, aqua, sodium hydroxide, hempseed, sweet almond & carrot oils, ground cinnamon & essential oil of cinnamon leaf.

Size: 190g (twin pack: 2 x 85g)