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The Aero by Focus Vape is a unique, high quality portable herb vapouriser with dual chambers, convection heating, full (variable range) temperature control, and a robust stainless steel and zirconium build.

As a full convection device, the Focus Aero offers a different vaping experience from our other portables, which are primarily conduction activated (ie. the chamber itself heats up), while here the heat source is located well beneath the chamber: vapourisation only occures as the user inhales, drawing the hot air through the herbs. 

The Aero delivers smooth, flavousome vapour without burning, and the stainless steel chambers stay cool between draws. The device is built from high quality materials, with a rotating dual chamber magazine for double capacity when vaping on the go. The built-in battery is easy to charge with the micro usb charging cable provided. A ceramic heating core, separated airpath and zirconia "vapor maze" mouthpiece all combine to help ensure the purest, cleanest vapour.


  • PURE FLAVOR - With convection heating comes pure convection taste.
  • DUAL CHAMBER - Featuring interchangeable dual stainless steel chambers, with a range of 160-240°C.
  • ZIRCONIA TOP - Zirconia mouthpiece with vapor maze allows for a cool clean delivery.
  • LONG LASTING - 27100 high drain battery allows for up to 10 sessions per charge.
  • FAST - hits vaping temp in 20 to 40 seconds.
  • OLED DISPLAY - shows temperature in 1 degree increments, session timer and battery guage.
  • ISOLATED AIRPATH - to keep vapour stream sweet and clean; with adjustable airflow.
  • TOUGH - stainless steel body with zirconia mouthpiece.
  • PASSTHROUGH CHARGING - with the included micro USB you can charge and vape at the same time.

Convection provides for more efficient vapourisation because it only heats the herbs with hot air, as there is no direct contact with the heat source. This enables thorough percolation of heat through the herbs without any chance of them combusting before full extraction is acomplished. Typically, this increases user's precision and control and delivers a cooler, smoother, experience.

The Aero's dual chamber revolving magazine enables more vaping and less repacking. Rotate the magazine dial 180 degrees to smoothly switch between chambers. A flame symbol indicates the active chamber for mouthpiece connection. A stainless steel stirring scoop is also provided, which is housed at the base of the unit.

The isolated airpath takes in fresh air from the bottom of the unit, allowing it to flow into the sealed stainless-steel cell, where it is then heated by an internal ceramic rod. This hot air is then drawn into the chamber to heat your dry material. An internal wall completely separates the battery and the heating unit. The built-in 21700 high drain battery allows for rapid heat up time and longer performance.

In the box:

  • AERO Vaporizer
  • Built-in 4000mAh Battery 
  • 2x Chamber Inserts
  • Loading Funnel
  • Extra O-Rings
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

The Aero has been engineered and designed by Focus V Products. 

Designed in Austin, TX, USA. Manufactured in China

Hempstore tips for best use:

  1. The Aero's heater is distanced from the chamber for proper convection heating. Inhalation draws heated air through the chamber for the purest flavor without any cooking between hits. The Aero tastes smoother and cooler - it's different to other vapes.
  2. As with all vapes, optimum performance of the Aero is achieved by firstly grinding or mulling your herb finely; loosely filling the chamber (don't overfill or pack tightly); and doing long slow inhalations. This lets the air pass slowly over the isolated heating element, heating fully to the set temperature, and allowing it to slowly perculate through the herbs, releasing the active ingredients and delicious aromas. 
  3. Hit the Aero power button three times to turn the unit on or off. Airflow is adjustable at the base with a stainless steel airpath fully isolated from the electronics. With a durable and rugged exterior, the Aero should be your new go-to device!