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Marijuana is more widely available and accepted than ever before, with more people coming to the plant every day for a range of reasons. From the experts at High Times magazine, the world's most trusted name when it comes to getting stoned, here is an authoritative, accessible guide to marijuana, its uses and culture.

This illustrated handbook offers clear and friendly primers on subjects such as what pot is and how it works, tips on getting high and managing the experience, cooking with pot and FAQs as well as an 'I'm High, Now What?' selection of activities and amusements for the freshly baked. Part manifesto, part party invitation, Marijuana for Everybody! is an informative and entertaining read for the uninitiated and practiced users alike.

About the Author

High Times is the world's leading authority when it comes to getting stoned. 2014 is the magazine's 40th anniversary. Elise McDonough, author of the High Times Cannabis Cookbook, is a ten-year veteran of High Times magazine, the world's leading authority when it comes to getting stoned.

Industry Reviews

" well-written, carefully researched and incredibly thorough...If you have even a passing interest in marijuana, start clearing a space between your grinder and bong for this book on your coffee table."
- Willamette Week
"'Marijuana for Everybody!' is 192 pages of legit knowledge punctuated with tongue-in-cheek phrasing, tasteful but playful graphic design and a fact-based foundation that supports its historical background, how-to guides, tips and tricks...Media of all stripes are rushing to cash in on mainstream pot curiosity, but few publications could hope to produce something as smart and easy to digest as 'Marijuana for Everbody!'"
-The Cannabist
"America's baby boomers are now empty nesters who want to smoke some pot again. Problem is: they have no idea what they are doing.

So the country's foremost pot magazine High Times is going back to basics with a new title for those who've been out of the loop for a while ...Marijuana for Everybody is billed as breezy handbook on cannabis, its uses and culture. The rapidly advancing world of weed gets broken down into easy chunks on topics like 'cannabis chemistry', 'how to: roll the classic cone', and 'where do bongs come from?' The list-lovers will dig: 8 items to look for on the label when you buy legal weed; 6 things to do if you think you're too high; 7 things to keep in mind when buying edibles; and 10 common marijuana strains and their characteristics.