Vaporite Quartz Wax Vape (Complete Kit)

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Vaporite's portable vape for wax

The Vaporite Quartz Vape is for waxy concentrates or e-solids. The ceramic nail is heated by a titanium coil, powered by a grunty 1300mah Vaporite battery. The globe is made from heat-resistant pyrex glass, coloured to match the battery.

For legal use only. Use only as directed.

The Quartz wax vape kit Includes:

1 pc. 1300mah Battery - with way more grunt than most vapes and e-cigs

1 pc. Pyrex Globe

3 pc. Atomizer (ceramic e-nail)

1 pc. Packing Tool

1 pc. USB Charger

1 pc. User Guide


Technical Specifications:

Battery Capacity : 1300 mAh

Battery Life : 300 Recharges

Thread: CE4/eGo - takes heaps of mods and spare parts

Auto Sleep : 3 Minutes

To Lock/Unlock : 5 rapid clicks in 2 seconds

Auto Shut-Off : after 12 Seconds

Charging Time : 2-3 Hours

USB input : DC4.5-6V 500mAh

USB Output : DC4.2V 400mAh


Tips for best use

Although not an intended use, globes with e-nails such as this can also be carefully used to vape herbs - insert ground herbs in the mouthpiece end, and roll around the globe using the e-nail as the heat source. Turn to ensure herbs do not burn.

A huge benefit of glass globes like this is you can watch what is happening as you vape. All users can benefit from this, especially novice or first-time vapers.


12 Month Guarantee

The Vaporite Quartz comes with a 12 month Guarantee against manufacturing faults and defects. All units have passed our Quality Control and the element is guaranteed to work at the time you purchase it. PLEASE NOTE however that like all e-cigs and portable vapes, once you have used the element, it cannot be returned and that part is no longer guaranteed. All other parts of the unit including the battery and charger remain guaranteed.