Vaporite Vr007 Mini Air (Nano)

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The Vaporite Nano is back! Now known as the VR-007 Mini Air, this is an excellent quality vaporiser with durable construction. Better than any other vaporiser in its class, the Mini Air comes with a built-in fan and remote control - featuring variable or pre-set temperatures - for added convenience.


Forced air vaporisers mean the fan blows for you. You no longer need to use your own breath to inhale the vaporised material. This also makes forced air vaporisers better for aromatherapy use.


Smaller than any other table top vaporiser

Made of durable, high gloss black steel

User-servicebale power fuse

Displays temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, which you can adjust to your specifications

Contains a special ceramic heating element

Includes an oil diffuser so you can vaporise essential oils

Includes an ergonomic whip, designed to easily change the screen if necessary

Includes instructions for your safety and convenience

The Vaporite Mini Air is perfect for those who want an easy-to-use model with more advanced options.


The Vaporite Mini Air comes ready to use. Just plug it in and set to the desired temperature, or use the remote to select a pre-set temperature. It is that simple to use!