Medical Cannabis A Brief Guide for New Zealanders - By Shaun Holt and Emma Dalton

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Not really sure what medical cannabis actually is? Confused by the difference between THC and CBD? Then this book is for you. With the lack of medical jargon it gives the reader a good understanding of what medical cannabis is, an overview of its history, and importantly, a summary of what the latest research shows about the use of cannabis as a medicine, and its potential benefits and risks. 

This book does not take a position on this issue but allows the reader to make their own informed decision. The book provides valuable scientific information on the safety of cannabis that will also be useful for voters in the upcoming referendum at the next general election.

About the authors

Dr Shaun Holt is the founder of two clinicial trials organisations as well as Research Review, a company that produces regular reviews of the medical literature for health professionals.  Shuan holds degrees in pharmacy and medicine, has been the principal investigator in over 50 clinical trials and has over 220 publications in the medical literature.  He is a science director for HoneyLab, a research company developing new medical products from honey, bee venom and other products from bees and their environment.  Shaun is the author of 10 books and lectures at the Victoria University of Wellington.

Emma Dalton is an undergraduate student who has studied biology, chemistry and social policy at Victoria University. She is now completing her degree at the University of Waikato.  This is her third book written with Shaun Holt, her uncle.