Twine Natural Regular Grade (2/2.5) 200G

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Our most popular balls of genuine hemp twine, perfect for macrame or jewellery making, or general use around the home. Hemp has a fantastic natural look and feel. Our hemp ropes and twines have featured in several major movies made in New Zealand. Hemp twines ropes and cords are easy on the hands and hold knots really well. Hemp resists rot and mildew so it great for situations where they will get wet or be exposed to the weather. Our beeswax-coated hemp twines are made the traditional way in Hungary, with two lengths of yarn twisted together. The thickness varies slightly due to the traditional manufacturing technique.


Thickness: 2/2.5 - approx 2mm

Breaking strength: 88N

Size of ball: 200 grams

Length of twine in ball: 250m approx