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NZ Hemp Hurd 10kg Bale ** PICK UP ONLY** (for Hempcrete, Insulation, Animal Bedding Or Litter )

The Hemp Farm NZ

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  1. Hemp bales are pick-up only, collection from our Auckland store. No deliveries sorry, due to bulk size and weight. There is parking nearby (including Loading Zones within 50m) or you can use Uber to collect and deliver to you (see below for more info). 
  2. Call 09 302 5255 or 0800-HEMPSTORE to order or visit us in person at our store at 253 Karangahape Road.
  3. This 10kg (approx) compressed brick will expand 2-3 times in size/volume once removed. Compressed dimensions: 600mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 360mm (H), 0.065m3 
  4. Please contact us if you would like to order more than we currently have in stock (restocking is usually 4-7 days) 


  • High Performance Material perfect for 'green' building.
  • Dimensions: 600mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 360mm (H), 0.065m3
  • Volume: 68 litres, expands to 170 litres
  • Average Weight: 10kg

Hempcrete is a natural, non toxic alternative to concrete, and can also replace traditional wood and fibreboard walls. Hempcrete is easily made using hemp hurds mixed with lime and water, which is then tamped into form work to create walls. As the hempcrete sets it becomes very strong and draws sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. 

Hemp Hurds can also be used for insulation. Fill wall or ceiling cavaties and enjoy the superiour insulative properties of hemp's hollow fibres. 


  • High Insulation Value
  • Rock-like Wall Strength
  • Long-lasting, Durable Material
  • Fast Construction Times
  • Simple and Economical
  • Mould and Pest Resistant
  • Easy to Change or Repair
  • Recyclable


  • Non-toxic and Natural
  • Fire-proof
  • Thermally Comfortable
  • Acoustically Absorbent
  • Atmospheric CO2 Removal/Storage
  • Heating and Cooling Cost Savings
  • Good Thermal Mass
  • Built-in Humidity Management


Spread a layer of hurd in your stable or chicken coop, lightly sprinkle with water to settle the product and your precious animals can enjoy the warmth and comfort of hemp bedding.

This is the premium hemp litter of choice for small and large animals. Provide the best for your horses, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, reptiles, puppies and kittens.

  • 100% natural hemp animal bedding material.
  • Made from super absorbent hemp stalk core.
  • Effectively controls odor for longer than other litter.
  • Twice the absorbancy of wood shavings.
  • Almost zero dust content to keep airways healthy.
  • Maintains an optimal humidity levels in stables, tanks and cages.
  • Hemp animal bedding naturally repels problem insects.
  • High thermal rating to keep cozy in winter and cool in summer.
  • Soft texture provides a comfortable cushions for restful sleep.
  • Hemp cellulose is an eco-friendly sustainable resource.
  • Can be used as a soil enriching fast decomposing garden mulch.
  • Grown without chemical sprays in New Zealand.

The natural properties of hemp hurd also make it incredible in the garden, where the mulch enriches and protects the soil, encouraging earthworm activity and healthy soil microbe and fungi. Place around flower beds, vegetable gardens, ornamental fruit trees, or potted plant to keep moisture in the soil during summer. Use in winter to prevent the ground from chilling, which protects the roots of trees and perennials. You may also find an increase in other beneficial insect and animal life, such as praying mantis and lizards. This occurs as a result of creating a safe and healthy organic ecosystem in your garden, all of which begins with healthy soil.

Order now for collection from our Auckland store. Phone 09 302 5255 or 0800-HEMPSTORE, or visit us at 253 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland 1010. 

Handy tip: if you can't come in to collect, Uber can collect and deliver orders to you, including these hemp hurd bales. After ordering a 'pick up' of hemp bales with us, you can book a collection through the Uber app. In their app select 'Package', enter our details for the pick up, then sit back and watch Uber's tracking for same-day delivery to you.

Benefits of using Uber Connect

  • Availability: You can book a delivery the same easy way that you request a ride.
  • Speed: Get on-demand delivery, usually within the hour.
  • Tracking: Watch your item as it makes its way to the recipient, and get a notification when it’s delivered.
  • Flexibility: Generally, if it fits in the boot of a midsize car, it can go with Uber Connect.¹ And in select locations, you can choose a delivery method and vehicle type that meets your needs.

Please note:

  • Items must "Fit comfortably in the trunk of a midsize vehicle". This would likely mean up to 5 bales but you may need to check with your Uber driver.
  • "Uber does not maintain insurance coverage for package loss, theft or damage caused by a third party."
  • "For help coordinating a delivery in case of terminated trips or cancelled requests, if you haven’t yet received your package or if the package was damaged during delivery, contact Uber Support."