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Guide to Detox and Testing Solutions



Choose the correct product for your situation, with The Hempstore's guide to detox and testing solutions

Why we oppose urine testing: While The Hempstore does not advocate the use of drugs on the job, testing methods and procedures are not 100% reliable. In fact urine testing does not test for the use of drugs on the job, nor does it measure impairment or intoxication. It merely tests for metabolites which can stay in the body for weeks – long after the effects of any drug. Random drug testing contravenes the Bill of Rights and the Privacy Act, and violates the natural justice of presumption of innocence, placing the burden of proof on the accused. That's why The Hempstore is proud to offer a comprehensive range of drug testing solutions.

Your rights

For employment testing, check your employment contract first. If you haven't already agreed to submit to random testing, then you don't have to agree to it now. In a pre-employment situation you have little choice other than working for someone else. But if already employed, generally testing is only allowed in what's called 'just cause' (say if your coworkers have complained you appear intoxicated), post-incident, or in what are deemed 'safety sensitive' occupations like fixing plane engines. The process must comply with the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4308:2014 as well as the precedent set in the EMPU v Air New Zealand Supreme Court case. For more info see or consult your union.

Urine tests

If you do need to pass a test, you need to use the right product for the job. For that you need to know what sort of urine test you are getting (EMIT or GCMS), then choose between products designed for light or heavy users. For this purpose, a light user is someone who smokes once a week or less; a heavy user is someone who smokes more than once a week.

If you don't know what sort of test you are getting, choose Quick Fix, which will beat any urine test. Quick Fix is by far our most popular drug testing solution.

EMIT test: ‚Äč

usually performed by local hospitals or doctors, or at places like MedLab or LabPlus. Lighter users can choose a Flush like Quick Clear, while heavier users should choose Quick Fix.

GCMS test: 

performed by the government's testing lab ESR in Auckland or Wellington. A private company called NZ Drug Detection Agency (NZDDA) performs onsite screens in their own truck, with failures confirmed by GCMS. Use Urine Luck or Quick Fix.

Instant screens (onsite): 

due to the unreliable nature of cheap onsite screens, they do not meet the NZ Standard, are not evidential, and there is no product that is absolutely guaranteed to beat them. This is because, depending on the brand used, between 1-in-10 and 1-in-20 people will return a positive result even if they have used no drugs at all. Importantly for employment and legal purposes, they do not meet the NZ Standard unless confirmed by a proper lab test (which must be either EMIT or GCMS). It also means testers are well used to their cheap onsite screens giving an incorrect positive result. Our products will probably beat any onsite screen but most importantly are guaranteed to beat the proper lab test.

Self test kits:

Use our U-Test self-testing kits. We believe these are the most accurate screens available. Calibrated to the NZ Standard.

Hair tests

There is no official New Zealand standard covering hair testing, as it is unreliable and potentially racist, given different ethnicities return different results: people with red hair give the lowest readings while those with coarse black hair give the highest readings, after identical exposure. It is a myth that hair testing 'stores' residues from inside the body; hair picks up environmental exposure such as second hand smoke, or contaminated hands brushed through hair. The detected amounts are so low that tiny traces give positive results for 'drug use'. That is why hair tests do not meet any NZ standard. Those who are coerced or forced into such testing would have legal recourse, however this is not always an option for everyone and so our hair testing section contains Ultimate Gold Hair and Body Biowash. 

Saliva tests

Saliva tests generally detect use only for a few hours, or at most one day. Saliva tests are much more closely calibrated to recent use, and should be chosen over urine or hair tests. There is now a  New Zealand Standard for saliva tests. Employers must use devices and processes that comply with the standard. See our saliva testing section

Our Guarantee

To date we have had over well over 99% satisfaction in New Zealand. In the extremely rare event that they don't work, all our drug testing solutions come with a full money-back guarantee. Note: You must choose the right product for your testing situation, and read and follow all instructions. Screens must be confirmed by a proper lab test (GCMS or EMIT). Not all products can be returned.