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Guide to Vapes and Vaporisers

The Hempstore has supplied vaporisers for over 25 years, starting with old school conduction designs like the BC Vaporiser, and now stocking the latest temperature controlled desktop and portable devices. We were the first to import and sell portable vape pens for herbal use, and were among the first to bring e-cigarettes to New Zealand. 

Vaping lets consumers avoid the harmful constituents of smoke and byproducts of combustion, such as tar, PAHs, solid particulates and excessively hot air. 

  1. Please read product's instruction manual first. This guide provides additional information based on The Hempstore's extensive inhalation technology research programme. It was developed for Vaporite brand desktop vapes but the principles apply to the use of any vape.
  2. Chop up your herbs using a grinder - the finer, the better. Use enough so the air is forced through the herb, but not too much so the air is blocked. Experiment to find your ideal amount. Don't pack it down.
  3. Experiment with different heat levels to find what is best for you. A light, long, inhalation is best. Sucking harder draws the air more quickly, which means it will be cooler, and gives resins less ability to evaporate. A long slow draw gathers the full heat and will deliver more resins.
  4. Herbs are done when the vapour begins to taste cooked, like toast or popcorn. Gently tip the herbs out. They should be dry and crumbly. If they show signs of burning, reduce the temperature setting. 




Our vaporisers are guaranteed to work and be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. If it malfunctions, return it to us at the address below:

The Hempstore - Returns
253 Karangahape Road
Auckland 1010

We will at our discretion either repair it, provide a replacement, or refund the purchase price. This Warranty does not cover "acts of God", incorrect use, owner abuse, malicious destruction, commercial use, or anything outside of a mechanical failure incurred with normal personal usage, and excludes any parts that normally wear out with usage.

Please retain your sales receipt as proof of purchase.