Poison Prescriptions by Seed Sistas - power plant magic, medicine and ritual

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Power plant magic, medicine and ritual

Have you ever wondered about our Native Power plants – the so-called Witching Herbs.
Who they are? 
Where they grow? 
Their individual gifts and stories?
The Seed Sistas have worked with these magical poisons for decades exploring their power and beauty, exploring the folklore, magic and medicine of the herbs of the poison path.

This book is a gloriously illustrated guide to the most witchy of all the herbs, the nightshade – the notorious gypsies of the wayside the henbane, datura and belladonna, some of the European power plants, holding keys to an altered mind perspective, as well as being important physically-active medicine. Since ancient times, these incredible plants have been famed for applications in witchcraft and medicine.

This magical grimoire, is something to treasure, a delightful tour through the Witch’s garden, the shadowy flower beds. Steeped in political history, the mysterious past of our native power plants calls to us somewhere deep within. The book urges the resurrection of the ancient tradition of using of these plants in medicine,  as well as being a practical guide to plant magic, medicine and ritual.

Although these dark and oft maligned plants have a narrow therapeutic margin and high toxicity, the suggestions in this book are safe to follow, as the Seed Sistas work with them, by cultivating each beauty in the garden, careful dosing or purely ritualistically, bringing plant parts and seeds to potentiate to the altar space.

Through many years of herbal, clinical practice utilising the Solanaceae family as part of their Materia medicaas herbalists, the Seed SistAs are fascinated with the subtler energies at work.  They have walked with the mysteries and discovered how myth and history can give us clues as to the medicine contained within these plants that accesses subtle energy bodies as well as having physical effects. It is the Seed Sistas’ experience that even these “safe” practices will change profoundly consciousness and usher in wellbeing and healing.

This book is a walk through the distant past, the exciting present to look for clues as to how you can harness the power of the witching herbs and flying ointments for deeper applications of the human condition.

The book contains:

Part One: Power Plants, Poisons, Altered States and Witchcraft: an exploration of the use of altered states of consciousness in magical practice and personal development.

Part Two: Connecting to the Witching Herbs: in-depth profiles of henbane, datura and belladonna, including practical activities from meditations to folklore writing to wreath and beer making.

Part Three: The Flying Ointment: includes step-by-step instructions to creating the powerful witches’ Flying Ointment and using it in ritual, sex magic, lucid dreaming and elsewhere.


  • Published: 8 November 2022
  • ISBN: 9781786787149
  • Imprint: Watkins
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 224