RAW Classic Super Jumbo "Lifetime Supply" Mega Roll | 1000m | 300 Tips | King Size Slim

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The the last paper pack you'll ever buy!

  • 1000 meters of rolling paper
  • King Size Slim papers
  • RAW Classic rolling papers
  • Lifetime supply!*
  • Includes 300 pre-rolled tips
  • Pure natural gumline

The RAW Classic Super Jumbo Mega Roll is the the last paper pack you'll ever buy! With 1000 meters of King Size Slim papers, you will never be out of papers and out of luck.

Roll them long, roll them short, roll them into a personal masterpiece!

RAW's Jumbo Mega Roll pack includes 300 pre-rolled RAW tips in a refillable drawer, and the side of the box has a printed ruler so you can measure out how much you need with precision.

These RAW paper rolls feature a pure natural gumline to match the burn rate of the rolling paper, and each paper is watermarked with a proprietary crisscross imprint which helps prevent runs and maintains a smooth burn.

*enough for about 13,000 1&1/4 smokes.