Dancesafe LSD (Ehrlich) Testing Kit

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The Dancesafe LSD testing kit consists of one bottle of Ehrlich’s reagent. Ehrlich’s turns purple in the presence of LSD, helping rule out 25i-NBOMe, a highly toxic and extremely dangerous drug often misrepresented as LSD. INCLUDES A FREE FENTANYL TESTING STRIP! Contains enough reagent for approximately 50 tests. 

Storage and Handling Instructions

Ehrlich’s Reagent contains hydrochloric acid and is strong enough to burn skin and clothing. Keep out of eyes and mouth. Wear latex gloves when handling the bottle and cap.  If you get some on you, then wash quickly with soap and water. Wash testing surfaces with soap and water as well. Dispose of any unwanted reagent down the sink with running water and baking soda. Store all testing kits in a cold, dark place (like your refrigerator) between uses.

NOTE: Ehrlich’s reagent can only determine the PRESENCE of an indole, not QUANTITY or PURITY.

A positive or negative reaction for a substance does not indicate that a drug is safe. No drug use is 100% safe.


To test blotter for fentanyl, simply cut a tiny corner off, soak it in a half-teaspoon of water for ten minutes, dip the strip in, allow the water to travel up the strip and then compare the results with the image above.