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The Hemp Cook Book


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Born from the flower of the cannabis plant is a seed bursting with vital energy that nourishes, heals, rebuilds and refuels our bodies. Now this hallowed plant gets to shine on the world's first cookbook devoted exclusively to the delicious and nutritious dishes you can make using hemp seed. Packed with easily digestible proteins that contain the correct proportions of all eight essential amino acids necessary for good health, hemp seed surpasses even soy as the best vegetable protein available. High in dietary fibre but low in saturated fat, this miraculous and ancient food is, also, the planet's best source of essential fatty acids which a wealth of scientific research has shown help to prevent degenerative diseases, clean the arteries, improve brain function and boost our immune systems. Dalotta has produced a book that will be welcomed by hempsters and mainstream cooks alike. With chapters providing complete nutritional information on hemp seed, a culinary history of cannabis around the world, a listing of sources for hemp foods and instructions for creating your own hemp oils, flours, milks and butters, THE HEMP COOKBOOK is the first and last word on cannabis cuisine.