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2nd Gen pen vape -  now with Tornado Elements


The most popular portable vape in the USA, the Cloud Vape Pen features an ultra slim design for a stylist, discreet and highly effective vaping experience. Cloud Pens are ideal for resins and waxy butters.


The Cloud vape pen consists of a mouthpiece, a high quality Tornado titanium heating atomiser and an industry-leading rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.


The Cloud Pen is the most decorated portable vaporiser with multiple consecutive Cups in Best Product category

2nd Gen model features a new Improved Tornado Element, with a denser titanium coil with even more heating capacity, a super-quick time to reach full glow, and a new tapered ceramic lining that funnels resins directly onto the element.

Stable Voltage: Precicesly calculated stable voltage for the best vaporising experince

Long power reserve : 24-48 hours depending on usage.

LIFETIME WARRANTY on the battery. The Heating Coil (Atomiser) is Guaranteed to work at time of purchase.

Comes with a retractable USB cable for charging, and an NZ/AU wall plug adaptor.

PLEASE NOTE: Cloud Atomisers are intended to last 2-3 months with correct usage (Spares of both 1st Gen and 2nd Gen Tornado Elements are available). Note: Do not ever touch the heating element with anything other than resin, oil or butter, or you may shorten the expected life span of the atomiser. Clean by simply turning unit on and holding upside down.