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Offical Spare Vaporite replacement part - Glass heating rod (ie, the pyrex tube that covers the ceramic element, onto which the whip is fitted when the vape is in use).

Fits all Vaporite desktop models:

  • VR001 Solo
  • VR002 Twins
  • VR003 Hyper
  • VR006 Mini
  • VR007 Mini Air
  • VR011 Solo Digit

Note: this is the glass rod, the ceramic end-filter and the rubber grommetnot the heating element itself.

How to replace the glass rod:

Solo, Twins, Solo Digit: First, remove the metal ring at the base of the existing glass rod using a small phillips screwdriver, then gently pull the old glass rod out. Replace with the new one and put the metal ring back to secure it in place.This will not void your warranty.

Hyper, Mini, Mini Air: the unit cover must be removed first. IMPORTANT: Ensure unit is disconnected from electricity supply before removing cover! Avoid touching any electronic parts or circuit boards. Remove kevlar wrap from glass tube surrounding the heating element. Loosen any adjustment screws on underneath of unit, so element slides freely. Gently prise out old glass rod and replace with new. Reattach kevlar wrap. Insert whip onto the new glass rod, then retighten adjustment screws so that the rod is fastened at the correct angle. Reattach unit cover. NOTE: Removing the unit cover will void any warranty remaining on the product, so if you are still within the warranty period you can return the unit to us and we will fit the glass rod for an additonal fee (NZ$20), without voiding your warranty.